Thursday, January 17, 2019

4 Best Emulator To Play PubG Mobile On PC For Free

1. Tencent Gaming Buddy

In our list, the first emulator is Tencent Gaming Buddy which was created by Tencent Games who are the same who develope PubG mobile. Hence Tencent Gaming Buddy can be official emulator whose primary agenda is to play PubG mobile on PC.
             However, as compared to other emulators Tencent Gaming Buddy will offer the best performance and optimization.
The process of installation of Tencent Gaming Buddy is very simple. As soon as the installation of the emulator is complete on our PC, it’s begin started downloading and installing PubG mobile automatically and with this emulator, you get full access over the control on our PC.
             In addition, there is no required to create an account or use VPN for playing this game.

Conclusion: It is easy to use, user-friendly and it’s the only emulator that updates and checks PubG mobile on our PC regularly.

2. NOx Player

            The second emulator is Nox Player which have its own features and different from other emulators. For playing PubG mobile on your PC via NOx Player you have to install the game through the play store. In case there is any problem related to installing the game please format the Google Play Store Data and try to reinstall it.
            And if it’s all sorted then you can play the game .if there is any issues regarding performance go through some steps mentioned below.
            To modify the game PubG Mobile there are some activities to be followed
             . Minimum 2 or, more CPU
            .Minimum memory 2048 MB(2GB)
            .Graphics rendering mode either Dx mode or OpenGL
            . Resolution 1280”720

Conclusion: In comparison with others it is a little difficult to install because it needs to do some changes and have its own machine requirement.

3. Ko Player

            The next emulator which is Ko Player is a completely different emulator which is used to play android games on PC. It is a free android emulator which offers numerous elegant features like key mapping, screen recording while gaming, and much more.
            The process of installing PubG mobile on Ko Player is a little bit difficult. It’s simple to install apk file of pubG Mobile on the emulator Ko Player then its required OBB on the data file.
            Then copy your file from Smartphone and paste it correctly on pc. The obb is named as com.tencent.ig is located in storage>android>obb.
            As soon as the process of installation is done you can start playing the game PubG mobile on your PC. Although we recommended modifying the settings so, you can have a higher frame rate and wonderful experience while playing the game.

Conclusion: It is a little tricky to install this if you have a little knowledge of applications you will do it very easily.

4. Bluestacks4

            Last but not least the fourth emulator is Bluestack4 which is the most renowned and the oldest android emulator which improve much in the past.
            Bluestack4 app is designed by an American technology company. It does include dynamic resources management which only initializes the required android libraries thus freeing resources. It gives 6 times better performance as compared to Samsung galaxy s9+ on bluestack4.
            In addition, the process of installing the game on PC is as similar as you install games in your Smartphone.
Hence, to download the application PubG mobile on your PC go to play store and install the game. And if you want an extremely improved performance you can spend some more time to fix the settings.
Conclusion: Most interesting and easiest emulator to install and play Pubg, it will hardly take 10 min to install and play.

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